Who We Are?
We are the people who believe that composing happy clients goes through producing a good
service and producing a good service goes through composing happy and self-developed
personnel. Hence, reading, writing, researching, learning and putting the information in the
center of our job are of vital importance. We believe not to work for long hours but
productively. Thus, we use technology even produce it. Technology is not just a toy but the
life itself for us. Hence, we believe that “analytical mind” has to be in the center of digital
marketing . All these years, the proof we believe right things is that many happy clients we
worked and the clients which haven’t changed us for many years.

Why are we different than other agents or web designing companies?
Before everything;
“We do our job really with pleasure.”
Maybe one and only reason of our success is that. Because we know; you can work to be more
successful and try to develop yourself if only you love your job. Everybody who includes Factory Crea
also does their work with pleasure and makes an effort to develop in their own fields.

“We always research to be beter in our job.”
We make researches about advertising, web designing, design and web technologies more than other
web designing companies or advertisement agents. We try to follow what is new in this fields and adapt
them to use as productive materials for our clients.

“We always direct our face to outside.”
Unlike other web designing companies or advertisement agents, we only take designers or programmers
who made important projects abroad as an example. We try to understand how our job works abroad
reaching these important designers and progrmmers. When we make R& D for a Project, we surely
examine advertisements, presentations and web designs of firms which maintains their jobs successfully
abroad firstlyand take these projects as examples.
“We produce not excuses but solutions.”
We know that the job we want to do is more difficult than predicted. We face many problems when we
carry out important projects of many different companies together. However, we focus on not looking for
an excuse for failing to solve these problems but how to solve them. Hence, we produce not excuses but
solutions when we carry the projects.
“We work disciplined and programmed.”
We believe that you have to work in a program disciplined if you want to be successful in a field
whatever the sector you serve is or your working conditions are. We arrange workflow for every project
we work on and take care all personel who work in the projects being faithful the process.
Of course, all features that make Factory Crea different are not limited with these. You can understand
why we are “unique” better when you know us closer.

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